Who we are

Welcome to the homepage of Lab of Advanced Nanostructures & Transfer Processes. We are a big family with 6 faculty members and more than 30 graduates. Our research topics focus on the synthesis of kinds of nanomaterials for environmental remediation and energy generation. Two dimensional materials, including graphene, TMDs, are the foundation for the construction of our functional materials. By combing with metal NPs, metal oxides NPs…, they can be then used for chemical catalysis, electrocatalysis and photoelectrochemical catalysis. Additional, the phase transfer of 2D materials and related simulations are also important topics in our lab. We enjoy collaborations, and welcome everyone to join our family!

Our philosophy
Being a man without dream, what are the differences between you and salted fish?
Our research
  1. 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenide (TMD)

  2. Carbon Materials

  3. Other Nanomaterials

  4. Industrial Chemistry



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